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What to visit and what to do in the Red Center in Australia

Those who turn to us for the organization of a trip to Australia have the strong desire to see as much as possible of this immense continent island.

Cities are always the absolute protagonists, a tour to Sydney o Melbourne is a must, but the desire to visit is growing more and more often desert: the magical and intense red heart of Down Under which, in our opinion, deserves a few days on your trip to Oceania.

The Desert, however (or red center as the Australians call it), is huge and the places to visit are between 400 and 500 km from each other. It is therefore good to keep in mind some things before choosing the stages and the movements to do.

So here is our selection of magical places found in the desert.

What to do in Alice Springs

The only real big city has over 25,000 inhabitants, a center with shops and restaurants, fast food restaurants, art galleries and craft shops made by the Aborigines.

Alice Springs has a wide choice of hotels, resorts and hostels and getting here is very simple because just a few kilometers away there is an airport with flights connecting it with Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Cairns and Brisbane. It is also possible to fly to Ayers Rock from Alice Springs.

If the idea is to stay only in Alice Springs and then travel by plane to Ayers Rock, or with a collective transfer, you can consider buying the excursions that will take you to discover the West MacDonnel Ranges mountains or the Simpson Gap canyon. .

If you want to see a breathtaking sunset, don’t forget to climb up to Anzac Hill, from which you can see the whole city.

If, on the other hand, you spend only a few hours in Alice Springs, but you want to have a very clear idea of ​​the local flora and fauna, you cannot miss the visit of the Desert Park where every day the rangers propose appointments to let everyone know the life of birds, dingoes, kangaroos and all the animals that populate the desert … even in the darkness of the night.

If you prefer to be autonomous and drive a rental car, contact us for advice on the type of car that suits you best and don’t forget to read this article. The roads are not all asphalted in the desert and depending on the route (but also based on your experience as a driver) we could recommend you to rent a 4×4.

Cosa fare a Kings Canyon

A place in nowhere within the Watarrka National Park. Away from everything and everyone. Here they don’t take phones and the only communications are via satellite lines. The choice of all travelers falls on the Kings Canyon Resort, an unfortunately obsolete property, but with simple and clean rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a cafe, a mini market and a gas station. A real Eden if you think about how remote the place is.

You can only get to Kings Canyon by car or bus.

Choose to visit Kings Canyon only if you are a lover of soft trekking. In fact, here you can try your hand at the “Rim Walk”, a breathtaking 6 km walk of moderate difficulty. The most difficult part of this route is the beginning: a very steep climb (The Heart attack hill) in which you will literally have to climb, but which will take you to a level from which you can admire overhangs that fall on a dense forest of local vegetation . The route can be completed in 3-4 hours but the entrance to the trail closes at 9 am, to avoid encountering extreme temperatures.

The second walk, also suitable for families, is the Creek Walk which will lead you inside the gorge with sections where you can see extremely intricate vegetation.

The sunsets in Kings Canyon are beyond imagination. The colors seem more intense and fill any space with the immensity in front of you.

What to do in Ayers Rock

Absolute protagonist of the desert, Ayers Rock is a must that we believe should not be missing on your trip to Australia.

Uluru, or the immense red mountain protected by the aborigines, has become perhaps the best known symbol of Australia together with the Sydney Opera House. Only by visiting it can you understand why.

Ayers Rock can be reached by plane (transfers to resorts are always included) or by car if you are traveling from Alice Springs or Kings Canyon, alternatively you could reach this destination with one of the collective transfers available from Alice Springs.

In Ayers Rock there are several resorts all managed by the same property, and all close together. The choice is such as to satisfy every traveler, from the most sporty and youthful to the most demanding or those looking for luxury. The resorts have a swimming pool and a restaurant and in whatever hotel you stay, you can move freely through the free Hop On Hop Off shuttles to the other resorts to try other restaurants or to visit the museum.

The two unmissable activities in Ayers Rock are the visit of Uluru (where you can try your hand at one of the many hiking trails available, some also suitable for prams or child seats), and the visit of Kata Tjuta (Olgas Mountains), a surprisingly shaped mountain range , color and size. Also in the Olgas Mountains you can evaluate hiking trails but only two are suitable for prams and strollers.

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