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The 10 golden rules of education

Learn About The 10 golden rules of education ! There is no miracle recipe when it comes to education. Everyone thinks they know better than the others, but every child is different. You will probably receive countless offers to stimulate your child. Listen to your intuition to find out which method of education is the most suitable. These nine basic rules will help you:

Each child has their own personality

No two people are the same. Each is unique. Your children’s personalities may be very different from yours. Don’t try to project your wishes and desires onto them. Stimulates their own talents and interests. During development, everyone follows their own pace. The question of who learns to walk, talk or calculate first is not important.

Understanding is the key for prohibitions

Prohibitions cause everyone to want to do or have something, especially if the cause of the restriction is unknown. Explain to your kids why they shouldn’t do certain things and praise them when they follow the rules.

Also try to see things through your child’s eyes. Each goal can be achieved by different means. Lower your expectations of your child. This brings more serenity to everyday life, relaxes the children and gives them self-confidence.

Keep your nerves under control

Daily education is a huge challenge when it comes to juggling bad moods, overtime, lack of sleep, housework and work. Write down typical times when you get angry. Later, with distance and calm, you can analyze the situation and see how you could have reacted other than to get angry.

Trust each other

When it comes to education, it is impossible to do everything right. But if you love your child, you won’t go wrong. Trust your intuition. You and your partner educate your child, but he also educates you by reacting to your behavior with joy or rejection.

By keeping this in mind, you can be reassured and trust your intuitions. You will grant the freedoms your children need while setting boundaries that are essential for healthy development.

Be a role model for your child

Children learn all day. The learning process will be sustainable if the child simply copies the behavior of a model. Parents are the role model with the greatest influence.

Make sure you plan enough physical activity

Outdoors is where children are best able to let off steam. They relax as soon as they can take possession of the playground or go exploring in the forest.

Don’t confuse this with too much activity, however – if their daily routine is filled with tennis, piano and beginner’s English lessons, children can be stressed. Often, the fewer the better! They need enough free time for their own ideas and games.

Gradually towards autonomy – stay present to support

An infant is initially completely dependent on its parents. Over the course of his life, he must develop more autonomy. Trust your children to solve problems independently according to their age. Little encouragement gives them the necessary strength and builds self-confidence. Your support should slowly shift from armband to learning to swim to airbag. Ultimately, he will be invisible, but always present in dangerous situations.

Trust your child, but offer your help so that he always wants to come to you when he needs support.

Rules bring clarity

Repetitive routines in the daily life of the family and fixed rules help children to orient themselves and avoid having to discuss every detail. Things that are important to you should be established as rules within the family. Talk about it together, for example during your family council . In this way, many discussions can be avoided.

What to do in the event of a dispute?

It is often the rivalries between siblings that bring stress to everyday family life. In the event of a dispute, bring your help as a “mediator”, without taking sides. Look for a solution together and show understanding for both parties. Also ask your children: “What do you propose? How can we keep playing? »

The most beautiful thing you can give your child to make him happy is a huge helping of love and trust.

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