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5 reasons to visit on a trip to Australia

Located an hour’s flight from Melbourne, Tasmania (or Tazzie, as it is called by Australians) is a destination that surprised us with its boundless nature, its delicious food and its delicate wines. Here are our top-five reasons why it deserves to be featured on your next Australia tour:

First: There is room for everyone.

With an area of ​​over 60,000 square kilometers and a population of just 500,000, the Tasmania and the ideal destination for those who want get away from the chaos of the city and relax in an environment natural unique. Also, being mostly unknown to mass tourism allows you to live an authentic and genuine experience in the name of spontaneous local hospitality.

Second: The variety of its climates and landscapes.

In a span of just over 250 kilometers you pass by the imposing alpine landscapes of Cradle Mountain to the very pleasant marine climates of Freycinet National Park.

The Tasmania is made apmail for a trip by car. Leave the two main cities, Hobart e Launceston, you immerse yourself in endless and practically deserted streets, which reserve incredible surprises around every bend. It could be a white beach lapped by the crystalline ocean, the peak of a snow-capped mountain, a rainforest so dense that no sunlight can pass through, or, more simply, the rolling countryside with verdant meadows and colorful flowers. One thing is sure, the eyes (and mind) will never tire of enjoying such an abundance and variety of scenery.

Third: Hiking for all

There are routes of hiking suitable for everyone, from 30 minutes to several days. Whether you have a family with children or are experienced hikers, here you will be able to satisfy your desire for nature walks, rest assured. Our favorite routes have undoubtedly been the Dove Lake Circuit (6 km, 2-3 hours), in the National Park of Cradle Mountainwhich offers unparalleled views of Cradle Mountain, and the Wineglass Bay Lookout (3km round trip, 1h30min), in Freycinet National Park, from which you can enjoy incredible views of the famous Wineglass Bay.

Fourth: the cities

Launceston e Hobart. The two main cities of the Tasmania together they have about 300,000 inhabitants and the concept of a city on a human scale seems to have been created just for them. Downtown Hobart is a little corner of England with green parks, severe Georgian buildings and a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere. The rest of the city extends harmoniously between the deep bay, the sea and the surrounding hills.

Launceston instead it looks more like a frontier town, with low historic buildings that give it an atmosphere of other times. In the immediate vicinity of the center stands the Cataract Gorge, a majestic gorge carved by the river with an immense park where you can walk and relax in the midst of dense vegetation. Absolutely not to be missed.

Fifth: Local food and wine.

Formerly known as “the Isle of Apples”, the Tasmania has shaken off the (no offense) shoddy British culinary traditions, to become a nationally acclaimed gastronomic landmark. To realize this it is enough to walk on Saturday morning among the colorful stalls of the Salamanca Market in Hobart. Here you will find the best productions of the island, from Atlantic salmon to Bruny Island oysters, from beef to black truffles, from lamb to extra virgin olive oil.

The Tasmania it is also characterized by an excellent wine production. His bianchi (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Riesling) fresh and delicate go perfectly with all seafood dishes, while Pinot Noir is experiencing a moment of glory among the reds, and is giving a hard time to the strongest and most structured Shiraz and Cabernet from the Barossa Valley.

Ops … there are six: The barbie.

It is true, in the introduction of the article I talked about a top-five, but I could not help but mention a sixth (and indeed very valid) reason to go to Tasmania: il barbie! Let’s clear the field of any possible misunderstanding that is crowding your mind right now: barbie is the diminutive used by Australians to define the barbecue which, in these parts, represents a sacrosanct law of every citizen. You may not believe it, but every park, beach or public garden has a fully equipped barbecue area, always perfectly clean and functional.

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