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Sydney, what to see: the 12 attractions to visit

Considered the most beautiful city in all of Australia (I hope the people of Melbourne don’t mind), Sydney is a spectacular metropolis, which offers naturalistic beauties, wonderful beaches and a liveliness typical of a modern metropolis.

If you want to find out what the places of interest absolutely to visit on your journey read on. You will also find useful information on how to reach them and how to organize your itinerary.

So, without delay, let’s go!

What to do in Sydney: the attractions not to be missed

In a few lines I will give you all the suggestions on attractions to visit in Sydney. But first I want to give you some general information about the city.

Sydney is la capitale del New South Wales and is found in one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in all of Australia (which is why there are some of the most popular beaches in the whole country). With over 5 million inhabitants it is the largest metropolis in the whole countryand boasts a cultural, gastronomic and entertainment offer that has few equals in the world.

The city it is part of a unique naturalistic environment. For these reasons you should include Sydney on your neighbor’s itinerary trip to Australia.

1 – Opera House

In the harbor area, one of the most beautiful in all of Sydney, it is located the most iconic and well-known building in the whole city, the Opera House, the work of the famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon. The construction of this masterpiece of contemporary architecture took over 16 years and ended in 1973.

Inside there are concert halls (5), restaurants and souvenir shops. The “Strong piece“Consists of the Concert Hall. With a capacity of almost 3,000 seats, and a shape reminiscent of a cathedral, this hall hosts the most important concert events in the whole city.

The context where it fits this monument, just in Sydney baycombined with the architectural beauty of the buildingmake the open house an attraction you really shouldn’t miss during your stay in Sydney.

Opera House Sydney

2 – Harbour Bridge

Another attraction not to be missed during your trip to Sydney is the harbor bridge. This pontenicknamed by the inhabitants of Sydney “the coat hanger”, crosses the whole bay and it’s one of the longest arched bridges in the world.

L’harbour Bridge it is very close to the Opera House and it is one of the most photographed spots in the whole city. And you know what the beauty is? Pyou can enjoy the show offered from Sydney bay, with the harbor bridge or the opera House, in so many different ways.

you can do a cruise in the bay, climb the bridge until you reach the top (a great experience), cross it by train, car or bus. Among the many photos you will take in Australia, those of Sydney Bay will be among the most spectacular (especially if taken at sunset).

Harbour Bridge

3 – The rocks

In the Sydney bay area it is located one of the most evocative and lively neighborhoods in the whole city, The Rocks. Historic district, which hosted the city’s first European settlement, is a real one tangle of alleys overlooked by restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops.

The district is very lively and hosts various events and festivals which contribute to making Sydney’s “historic center” even more vibrant during the whole year. Most important attractionfrequented as much by travelers as by locals, it is the market which, during weekendsfills George Playfair street with life.

In short words? You should really put the rocks on your Sydney things to do list. When planning your itinerary, you should consider visiting the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and The Rocks on the same day.

4 – Darling Harbour

This district it overlooks one of the many bays that make up Sydney’s eastern border, a short distance from the opera house and the rocks. It is about one of the most popular entertainment districts in all of Sydney and is home to playgrounds, museums, restaurants, shops, an aquarium and a zoo.

As you can easily imagine it is a real mecca for families. Even if you are traveling alone or as a couple you can though spend pleasant hours there in the name of leisure and shopping.

Don’t miss the Chinese Garden of Friendshipa beautiful Chinese-style garden that represents the friendship between New South Wales and the Chinese province of Guangdong.

5 – Royal Botanical Garden

Oasis of peace and tranquility a short distance from the city center, and from the opera house, the royal botanical garden offers fantastic views of sydney bay and is home to plant species from all over australia and from the whole world. With a history of over 200 years, this botanical garden definitely deserves to be interested in your list of things to see in Sydeny.

6 – Tower Eye

Here we are at a Sydney’s other iconic landmarkas well as tallest building in the whole city. With its 309 meters high, and a 360-degree view over the entire bay, the Tower Eye offers one of the most spectacular views you will see on your trip to Australia.

To take a picture of Sydney’s stunning skyline, which includes the opera house and harbor bridge, the Tower is definitely the place to be. And if you are in the mood for an outdoor walk, at over 300 meters high, you can buy a ticket for it Skywalkthat will allow you to admire an even more spectacular view. Not only, you can also walk on a glass floor, which will give you the impression of walking on clouds.

7 – Sydney Beaches

A leap from Sydney there are some among the most beautiful beaches in the whole country. If you are tired of the metropolitan environments of the city, and you want to relax enjoying an aperitif with a sea view, take a dip in the ocean or, why not, try surfing, you are spoiled for choice.

Bondi beach is probably the most famous beach in the whole city. Is found about 20 minutes by bus from the center Sydney, and offers an exotic setting that will not fail to captivate you. The promenade that runs along the beach is full of life, thanks to locals and travelers who animate it for most of the day.

Also not to be missed Bondi Icebergha beach club and which offers the possibility to swim in a pool that is right next to the ocean.

Manly Beach is another great beach which is located on the outskirts of Sydney. To reach it it is necessary take a ferry that sails into Sydney Harbor, passing under the harbor bridge and next to the Opera House. In short, the journey itself to reach the beach is an integral part of the experience.

Another spectacular beach is surely Palm beacha strip of yellow sand that extends into a small peninsula about an hour’s drive from Sydney.

An excursion to the beaches of Sydney is definitely to be included in the your list of things to do during your stay in Sydney.

8 – Riserva at Barangaroo

Built on the remains of one of the largest industrial areas in the city, the Barangaroo reserve has become a beautiful green area overlooking the Sydney bay, which is home to over 75,000 trees native to Australia. Furthermore cycle and pedestrian paths have been built that allow pleasant walks in a unique environment (and with a very suggestive view).

9 – George Street

George Street is one of the most important streets of the city e connects The Rocks neighborhood with Central Station of the city. Between these two points there are numerous points of interest which make George Street your ideal destination, especially if you want to spend time shopping.

Il Queen Victoria Building it is a commercial complex that houses shops and restaurants, and is the ideal place for a bite to eat if you are in the area. Also in this area it is located Chinatown, a set of streets that are home to restaurants and shops run by the Chinese community. Still not to be missed is the building that houses the Sydney town hall (the town hall) and the cathedral in the Gothic style of St. Andrew.

10 – Hyde Park

This is the oldest park in all of Australia and takes its name from London’s splendid Hyde Park. To spend a few hours relaxing, perhaps having a picnic, you should put a visit to Hyde Park on your list of attractions to visit in Sydney.

Inside the park there are several monuments commemorating the fallen during the first war: the Archibald Fountainbuilt in the early 30s of the last century, and the war memorial. On the northern border of the park there is also one of the most important buildings in Sydney and all of Australia, Hyde Park Barracks.

The long history of this building dates back to the first English settlements. First prison, then hospital, court and government office, this UNESCO heritage building now houses a fantastic museum.

Al borders northeast of the park is found instead the beautiful cathedral of Saint Marya point of reference for the entire Catholic community of Sydney.

11 – Macquarie Street

This elegant boulevard connects Sydney opera with Hyde park and it is, unquestionably, one of the best known streets in the whole city. The main attraction which is located along Macqurie street is la State Library of New South Wales, the oldest library in all of Australiaowner of some very important manuscripts, such as the “journals of Captain Cook and Joseph Banks”.

12 – Art Gallery of New South Wales

This is the best known museum in all of Sydney, housed in one splendid building dated 1885. In addition to hosting masterpieces by Australian, Asian and European artists, the Art Gallery of New South Wales boasts the largest collection of Aboriginal art in Australia.

Furthermore the building that houses the museum is located in a beautiful green areabounded on the west by Hyde Park and north from Royal Botanic Garden. If you are an art lover you really shouldn’t miss a visit.

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