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integrate a business school via parallel admissions

After obtaining a bac+3 level diploma, many students want to continue their schooling to train in a particular trade or sector, with the aim of acquiring an important skill, in order to enhance their operational skills when working. first job search. With increasingly complex technical sectors, and a globalized economy, the choice to encourage students to continue their studies towards bac+5 can only offer a chance to open up to real opportunities on the labor market. work. In order to meet the needs and transmit the know-how to motivated students with a thirst for success, We can only encourage them to make this choice. Access to additional studies often makes it possible to obtain a permanent contract, while only 10% of companies offer this famous sesame in France. The higher the level of studies, the more it is noted that the proposal of a CDI to candidates is frequent with companies or in the administration.

Faced with the unemployment crisis in France since 2008, students can also choose to internationalize in their school curriculum, in order to make a quick career choice, some of which can be dazzling careers, especially in Australia, Canada , in China or the United States, recruiters having a weakness for the quality of diplomas prepared in France by business schools in particular. Bac+2/3 graduates may experience a slower professional development than Bac+4/5. The missions entrusted to French companies are often more quickly implemented in the professional career of young employees. The idea of ​​the maturity of candidates with a Bac+5 is often put forward by human resources in the choice of candidates with higher diplomas. These missions are often the springboard to more important missions and faster career development, because these candidates are more quickly autonomous in their missions and are responsible for more substantial missions. Finally, we must not forget the evolution towards the status of Executive within companies and a much higher remuneration.

integrate a business school via parallel admissions

In order to continue progress in higher education, bridges have been set up to integrate a business school via parallel admissions. These gateways (gateway 1 reserved for holders of a bac+2 – gateway 2 reserved for holders of a bac+3/4) are accessible via competitions to be prepared with 13 establishments in France and give access to the master’s program in business school . These footbridges, limited in number of places, are the subject of an entrance examination, with in particular common written tests organized in 32 examination centers for “Passerelle 1” and 33 examination centers for “Passerelle 2”. Oral tests are also included in this accession framework with a motivational interview as well as an English Oral.

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