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How to choose a desert trip in Australia

Here are some tips that can make the difference between a perfect trip and a nightmare trip.

What itinerary to choose in the desert in Australia?

Based on our personal experience, we can suggest 3 different solutions for visiting the desert:

2 notti a Ayers Rock

choose this solution if you want to have a taste of the immensity of the desert but do not have any desire to rent a car or make long journeys. 2 nights here can give you a great idea of ​​the Australian red heart and allow you to visit Uluru e Kata Tjuta at dusk and dawn and to take some guided walks to discover the mysteries of these sacred and protected rocky massifs. In your free time you can dedicate yourself to the desert sun and a little relaxation in the swimming pool;

2 nights in Ayers Rock and one in Alice Spring

choose this solution if, in addition to the wonders of Uluru e Kata Tjutayou have the curiosity to find out how to live in a “big city” in the desert. Alice Springs can be reached from Ayers Rock with 6 hours by car or bus. You can then choose whether to drive a car or alternatively buy one of the transfers between the two places from us. Arrived at Alice Springs you can admire the West MacDonnel Rangers, Simpson Gap o l’Alice Springs Desert Park. Ad Alice Springs you will also have a good choice of fast food, cafes and restaurants.

2 nights in Ayers Rock, one in Kings Canyon and one night in Alice Springs

choose this solution only if you are passionate about trekkings and want to try your hand at Kings Canyon Walk Rim: a 6 km walk that can be covered in 4 hours. The route is not difficult but challenging, so unless you are passionate about nature walks, consider whether it is really necessary to add many hours by car (or bus) to your journey to reach this magical place, but definitely far from everything.

How does a day in the desert go?

The most evocative moments to visit the Australian desert are sunrise and sunset. There are rest areas equipped to admire the red of the sun that saturates even more the intense fire of the Red Centre.

For each area there are distinct parking spaces dedicated to cars and those dedicated to buses that take care of the transport of organized excursions.

During the rest of the day you can choose whether to take a walk (temperatures permitting), a helicopter excursion or a guided tour, or a relaxing and rejuvenating stop in the pool.

During the night you can enjoy a dinner under the stars (Sound Of Silence ad Ayers Rock e Under a Desert Moon a Kings Canyon) or to contemplate the sky in autonomy and serenity.

It is good to organize all the excursions before the trip, let’s talk together about your needs and we will be able to suggest the most suitable one for you.

What to pack for a desert trip to Australia?

Bring light and breathable clothing with you: shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Wear light shoes from hikingdo not forget a good repellent for gnats, flies, mosquitoes and bees and always sunscreenminimum protection 30 (the sun’s rays are particularly burning, so be generous with the cream and don’t underestimate its importance).

Drink lots of water, (maybe bring one canteen which keeps it cool) if you go out on a hike try to drink at least 1 liter of water for every hour of walking. Always wear the hair (possibly with protection also for the neck) and if you have to start some path of trekkingdo it before 9 o’clock also because the most demanding trails close at that time due to the heat.

From time to time wet your hair, forehead, wrists, nape and temples.

In the evening, moisturize your skin with creme and use del cocoa butter on the lips, the heat will tend to dry them out very easily.

Never venture alone in the paths, and never go off the marked paths. If you are traveling alone, and not in a caravan, try to inform your hotel about the routes you wish to take.

What is the best time to visit the desert in Australia?

The Australian winter is the best time because of the temperatures, which are still very warm, but more tolerable. In the Australian spring (October / November) the temperatures rise a lot up to 40 degrees, and during the Australian summer the weather can be prohibitive. Therefore according to the season it is good to choose carefully the stages and the paths to undertake.

If you want to travel a lot and walk and if you are traveling in the Australian winter, consider staying too 4 nights in the desert. If, on the other hand, you travel during the Australian summer, but still want to endure the high temperatures of the red center, then consider staying alone 2 nights in Ayers Rockto book excursions with us and then to travel by plane.

Is it better to rent a car or move by public transport?

The choice of renting a car depends on the type of trip you want to undertake. With reference to the solutions proposed above, in the first solution it will not be necessary to rent a car.
If you choose one of the other solutions, therental cars can be a good solutionbut if you don’t feel like driving you can always book transfers and excursions with usbearing in mind that it is good to do it before leaving to avoid availability problems.

Some desert roads are only recommended for 4x4s and they also require some driving experience. For example from Alice Springs a Kings Canyon the paved road is about 460 km, but by “cutting” the Ernest Giles Road you save over 150 km, but you go to a road that you can only travel with the right means (and the right experience). If you want to undertake the Meereenie Walk (another rough road from MacDonnel to Kings Canyon) you must apply for a permit special. You don’t need any permission if you stay in the Stuart HWYin Lasseter HWY and in the Luritja RD

The tourism board strongly recommends DO NOT drive at night. In fact, the roads are not illuminated and above all the danger of running over large animals is concrete and very high.

Even the rental car must be booked with us before departure or you risk not finding available cars.

Visiting the Australian desert is an experience that will be a sense of completeness on your tour of Australia.

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