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Australia’s best island resorts

Ok I understand, the only thing better than a trip to Australia is a trip to Australia that ends with a few relaxing days by the sea. As I have already had the opportunity to write in the article 10 best Australian beaches, Australia is full of fantastic beaches kissed by the turquoise sea. But what I haven’t told you yet is that Australia matters even something like 8,000 smaller islands. If your idea is to end your tour of Australia with a stay on an island in the South Pacific, here are my suggestions for you.

In this selection I have entered my favorite islands, choosing different hotel categories e resort, so that you can find the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Enjoy the reading 😉

Orpheus Island

Located approx 80 km north of Townsvillethis paradise tropical island can be reached in just 30 minutes by scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef. Here you will find theOrpheus Island Lodgea tiny gem with sole 14 suiteall strictly beachfront. This small 5 ***** resort is ideal if you are looking for a intimate and exclusive stay immersed in the splendid tropical nature, between the lush vegetation and the incredible coral reef. All stays at Orpheus Island Lodge include three gourmet meals, a great selection of Australian beers and wines as well as all soft drinks, and one guided day trip.

Lizard Island

This idyllic island is situated 27 kilometers off the coast of Queensland, approximately 200 kilometers north of Cairns. It can be reached with one spectacular private scenic flight of approximately one hour over the Great Barrier Reef.
Its namesake resort is membro dei Luxury Lodges of Australiaand fully embodies the barefoot luxury concept. Thanks to its super chic villas and suites, its delicious gourmet food, its heavenly spa and its inviting swimming pool, you will feel pampered from the moment you step foot on the island. While the sun loungers will make a strong appeal, don’t be enchanted as the island has so much to offer. There are 24 beaches to choose from and the possibilities for to explore the beauties of Great Barrier Reef they are truly endless, from snorkelling to scuba diving or glass bottom kayaking excursions. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to come back for cocktail hour and soak up the last rays before the sun sets over the ocean.

Bedarra Island

Considered one of the hidden secrets of QueenslandBedarra Island offer relax e unforgettable experiences in the incredible Great Barrier Reef. The Bedarra Island Resort features only 10 villascompletely immersed in 45 hectares of verdant tropical vegetation. The food is sensational and the staff are super savvy at organizing activities and excursions for two, from picnics on a secluded beach to a romantic candlelit dinner by the sea. In short, as you may have guessed, it is there ideal destination for your honeymoon in Australia.

Green Island

The situation of only 45 minutes by catamaran from CairnsGreen Island is a small coral atoll entirely covered by tropical forest with 120 different species of indigenous plants, many birds and colorful fish. His resort just has 46 suites with delightful views of the verdant rainforest where to relax and enjoy the spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef. The resort offers several options for meals, from the gourmet restaurant to the fast-food restaurant of the beach bar, in order to satisfy all palates and different needs. All you have to do is explore the sea by day and enjoy the sunsets on the beach in the eveningwhile sipping a tasty tropical cocktail.

Hamilton Island

Very coveted and considered one of the most popular locations inWhitsunday archipelagoHamilton Island is a paradise surrounded by spectacular pristine beachescoral gardens and incredible marine life. The island, the largest and most built of the entire archipelago, allows you to combine relaxation with urban dynamism. Here you will find accommodations for all budgets and endless possibilities in terms of activities, from water sports to golf, from luxury shopping to gastronomic adventures, from romantic walks on the marina to hiking for wildlife spotting. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here.

Daydream Island

Daydream Island is the smallest but also the most accessible of the Whitsundays. Direct flights to nearby Hamilton Island Airport from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and frequent ferries from mainland Australia make it the ideal destination even for those with little time or little desire to tackle grueling transfers. The Daydream Island Resort it’s not as glamorous as its most famous competitors, but that makes it a more affordable alternative for anyone who wants to focus on the sea and outdoor activities. All rooms have been recently refurbished and offer delightful forest or ocean views. The resort offers three restaurants and several bars to please even the most extravagant palates. Among the activities, you can try your hand at snorkelling, padling and rainforest walks.

Hayman Island

The northernmost island of the Whitsunday archipelago it’s a little forgotten paradise, made only of serenity and breathtaking beauty. Surrounded by verdant hills and crescent-shaped beaches, theInterContinental Hayman Island Resort will offer you a fantastic sensory experience from the moment you arrive. Here you can swimming in the Great Barrier Reef (by the way, did you know that Hayman Island is the closest island to the outer reef and the Heart Reef?), cool off in the pool, experience incredible culinary adventures e enjoy the fantastic spa. All the 168 resort rooms have the private balcony overlooking the beach and the lagoon but, for an even more intimate and relaxing experience, the villas also have private pools. Could you imagine a better conclusion to your tour of Australia?

Long Island

The Long Island it is the closest of the Whitsunday archipelago to mainland Australia. 9 kilometers long but just 400 meters wide at the point of maximum extension, most of its surface is a national park. Surrounded by secluded bays and a jagged coral reef, the island is ideal for snorkelling and idleness on the beach but also for walking. In fact, it has over 17 kilometers of trailswhere to admire the luxuriant local flora and fauna. Two resorts are available: il Palm Bay Resortcombines it stile balinesiano with the economy and theinformality of the apartments (you can enjoy cooking, but you won’t have to worry about washing the dishes). If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more exclusive and intimate, this is the right accommodation for you l’Elysian Retreat. And boutique eco resort with just 10 oceanfront villas where to relax after an intense tour of Australia.

Heron Island

Heron Island is one tiny coral island whose beauties out of the water rival the fantastic underwater vegetation, made up of corals and posidonia. On the shore you can take guided walks, admire the sea turtles and even spot humpbacks (the season runs from June to September). But what makes Heron Island resort special is what you don’t see at first glance. Here you will not notice any buildings above the tree line and you will not see any day visitors. If you want experience the beauties of the Great Barrier Reef in an intimate and exclusive way, this is a plus that very few resorts in the world are able to offer. The resort is completed by a swimming pool, a delightful spa, a bar and a restaurant serving simple but super tasty food.

Lord Howe Island

Located approximately 600 kilometers north-east of Sydney, Lord Howe Island is simply paradise. By virtue of its biodiversity and its unique beauties in the world, is indeed been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here you will find fantastic attractions, expeditions that start from the sea lead up to the top of Mount Gower (875 meters) and nature adventures for all types of visitors. This tropical paradise is there Australia’s best destination for bird watching. The abundant marine life and its crystal clear waters make diving, snorkelling and all other water activities a pleasure. The Island offers different types of accommodation, from luxury resorts such as the Arajilla Retreat and the Capella Lodge – ideal if you are looking for relaxation and impeccable service – to the simpler accommodationssuch as the Milky Way Villas and Somerset apartments – more suitable if you are looking for a more independent and self-catering accommodation.

Lady Elliot Island

Located at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, Lady Elliot Island has incredible marine life. Its lagoon is subject to the tides and sometimes the semi-submerged corals can be reached almost directly from the restaurant of the resort… not a small temptation for snorkelers! The eco resort is casual but comfortable, it does not have a swimming pool (as well as it does not have a telephone or TV in the room) but this does not matter why, if you have chosen to stay on this islandmeans that be more interested in discovering the coral reef and living an outdoor experience. One last gem? come between November and March and you will have the possibility to swim with manta rays e you admire the sea turtles lay their eggs.

Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is a tropical paradise made of rainforest and coral beachessurrounded by the calm waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Located 30km off the coast of Cairns (about 45 minutes by catamaran), the Island is part of a national park. There is only one resort, the Fitzroy Island Resort, which offers its customers the opportunity to discover the diversity of the reef in an intimate and magical way, thus making it a perfect base for diving and snorkelling. The resort offers a variety of room types, including suites and studios, at affordable rates. Its facilities include a beautiful swimming pool with bar, a contemporary restaurant, a general store and an excellent diving center. What do you say, do you want to take a dive?

Moreton Island

Quest’sandy island over 180 kilometers longrises right in front of Brisbane and is easily reachable in 75 minutes by boat. Tangalooma Island Resort is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the beautiful Moreton Bay and is the ideal destination if you are looking for aexperience whose only two ingredients are nature and adventure. You will feed the dolphins, go quad biking, try an eco-sustainable cruise and even slide on the sand dunes aboard a toboggan. The property offers different types of accommodation up to 50 meters from the beach, 4 gourmet restaurants, 3 bars and 2 swimming pools plus – of course – an endless list of activities.

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