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Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

The national park Uluru-Kata Tjuta not only does it represent the heart of Australia but perhaps it has become the symbol of the whole country in the world.

The national park Uluru-Kata Tjuta is the land of My dear who are the traditional owners and for whom the mountains represent sacred places. The title deeds of these lands were then licensed to the federal government for 99 years, and the Anangu manage the nature reserve alongside the National Park Directorate.

Visiting these places does not only mean being in front of the beauty and majesty of nature.

Coming here is not just about taking a photo to share, but rather absorbing the energy of this land respecting it and learning why it is considered a sacred land.

The entrance to the National Park has a cost equal to 25 dollars per adult for 3 days, and the toll booths for purchasing tickets are located directly on the road at the entrance to the park perimeter near Uluru.

A few kilometers away it will be possible to find lots of information and guides Visitor Centre.

The park is a World Heritage Site and the collaboration of visitors is required to keep the park intact and with the least possible impact according to the following indications:

  • Do not interfere with the environment, do not take sand, rocks, plants and anything that belongs to this place;
  • Take all the rubbish with you when you leave;
  • Always stay on the marked trails;
  • It is forbidden to camp and to light fires inside the park;
  • Plan your day and use the toilets located in the points indicated on the map.

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