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Australia: Kings Canyon what to expect and what to do

If you have decided to include Kings Canyon on your trip to Australia it means that nature holds a special place in your heart.
Here, forget about luxury and remember that you are in an extremely isolated place, where water is supplied by a huge reservoir and where energy comes from the sun. Here you are in the middle of the desert, with little or no telephone reception and the protagonists in this area are not so much the travelers, but the animals, and this is a fact that must be strongly respected.

Kings Canyon Resort

If you have decided to spend a night here, your accommodation will most likely be the Kings Canyon Resort: a real motel in the desert.

As soon as you arrive, in the hall, you will find information on the routes you can do and the excursions you can buy.
In the resort there is no free WIFI, if you want it you have to be willing to pay for it, otherwise for a day consider doing without it.
For your dinner you can choose between Carmichael’s Restaurant (book as soon as you arrive), or the Bistrò (but only until 5pm), which offers pizza and sandwiches or alternatively you can consider booking the Under a Desert Moon, or dinner in the suggestive atmosphere of the desert at night.

At your disposal in the resort a small market, a petrol pump, and a lookout from which to admire the sunset and sunrise. You can also choose to relax in the pool, but remember that we are Into the Wild so don’t be scared if you find any insects in the water. If you need to do your laundry you will find a coin operated laundry right in front of the pool.

Always pay close attention to dingoes, especially if you are traveling with children. Never leave them alone and check them carefully, children are real prey for dingoes.

Be very careful to always close the door of your room so that insects (and there are thousands of thousands of them) do not enter your room. Spray insecticide (which you find
in the closet) outside your door and also in the bathroom. Make sure you close the bathroom window as well.

Kings Canyon hikes and trails

There are two main excursions to do in Kings Canyon: Kings Canyon Walk Rim and Kings Creek Walk.
The park is full of rocky and steep walls, which is why the utmost attention and caution are always required, it is important to always follow the path signs and remember that there are no parapets (so special attention should be paid to children).

The path to follow along the Canyon Walk is indicated with signs in the shape of blue triangles. In the event of an emergency it is necessary to contact a forest ranger by pressing the emergency button located in the boxes of the emergency stations. In the path there are 3 boxes located in different points and represented on the map. Other emergency measures are indicated on the maps and are available in the resort lobby.

The Kings Canyon Walk route begins with a very steep climb to the top of the canyon and then the trail continues following the edge of the gorge before descending to the parking area. It takes about 4 hours to complete the entire 6km route. The rangers recommend that you carefully evaluate your health before embarking on this path which, however, in the hottest months, closes at 9.00 in the morning due to the danger of extreme temperatures (above 36 degrees).

The King Creek Walk follows the course of the river to stop at a platform that offers a panoramic view of the area, then returning back along the same path. A little less than 1 hour of walking is required to complete the route of about 1 km.

The terrain of the two paths is uneven so it is good to wear comfortable shoes and preferably hiking shoes, wear a hat, bring plenty of water and some snacks to supplement sugars (prefer dried or candied fruit)

If you want a path suitable also for wheelchairs and strollers, consider Kathleen Springs: a 2 km trail (1 km round trip and 1 km return) that will lead you inside a Canyon to a source preceded by an area of dense vegetation, extremely surprising for being in a desert area.

If you want to see the national park from another perspective, consider the helicopter excursion which costs from 95 AUD. The platform is located right next to the resort.


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