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All you need to know about Kankgaroo Island in Australia

Kangaroo Island is one of the best destinations in the world to be in contact with nature. Here the cliffs collide with the fury of the ocean and the forests intertwine chasing the roads. Here you will find sea lions, seals, koalas, wallabies, penguins and of course kangaroos. Information about Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island stretches over 4,400 sq km, is the third largest Australian island (after Tasmania and Malville Island) and is a truly vast territory with many things to see and do.

The inhabitants are only 4,500 and the island is made up of many small villages scattered over the entire surface.

Despite being a small island, never make the mistake of underestimating its distances, and specifically, never forget that:

  • To cross the island from east to west it takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to drive or from Cape Willoughby to Flinders National Park;
  • To cross the island from north to south it takes 45 minutes of driving or from Stokes Bay to Vivonne Bay.

The island is made up of 7 regions: West End, Parnadana, South Coast, North Coast, Kingscote, Penneshaw and Dudley Peninsula and finally American River.

How long to stay on Kangaroo Island?

The choice of time to spend on Kangaroo Island depends very much on all the time you have available for your trip to Australia, but if you have decided to enter this island that is teeming with animals and landscapes, consider spending at least 2 nights there. maybe one near Flinders National Park and one towards Kingscote.

How to visit Kangaroo Island?

The best way to visit Kangaroo Island is by car. It is possible to board your car and arrive here by ferry, or rent a car with Avis or Herts at Kigscote airport (book it in advance) or directly in Penneshaw in front of the ferry dock.


It is the best way to visit the island because you have more freedom. If you choose to rent a car directly on the island, it is good to understand what kind of car you want; in fact not all roads are paved on Kangaroo Island, but they are still passable by 2WD cars. Nonetheless, many travelers still prefer to book 4WD cars which are however available in limited quantities.

If you rent a car it is good to check in the contract conditions which types of routes are covered by the insurance. In fact, some car rental companies do not cover damage occurring on unpaved roads, unless you purchase supplementary insurance (strongly recommended).

The main roads between Penneshaw, American River, Kingscote, Parndana and Flinders Chase are paved, well maintained and well maintained. All the other roads are not asphalted and to travel them it is necessary to reduce the speed, paying close attention to the passage of animals and minimizing the impact of the car. The unpaved roads are in any case equipped with good signs and do not have dangerous sections, although attention and caution when driving are always recommended.

On Kangaroo Island you will find gas stations at Kingscote, Island Beach, Parndana, Penneshaw and Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retret (Flinders Chase).

The wildlife of Kangaroo Island is very precious (as everywhere in Australia), so avoiding driving at night or if you are forced to do so requires maximum attention.


Sealink Shuttles operate twice daily, transfers between Kingscote, American River, Penneshaw (ferry terminal). If you do not have a rental car, consider this option, even if you will not stop at the main attractions, but only in the villages. However, keep in mind that this option is the only one comparable to a public transfer that is not actually present on the island (there are not even taxis).

Reservations are required to use the BUS Shuttle services.


For the more determined and full of energy, cycling can be a good option, but consider this possibility only if you have many days available, the distances to Kangaroo Island are considerable.

There are no public bikes on the island, so you will need to bring your own on board at Cape Jervis.


If you arrive by ferry or plane and are staying in Kingscote, you can purchase one of the many English guided Sit in Coach excursions. There are also excursions in Italian that will take you up to Flinders Chase. Consider this option if you want to stay 1 or two nights on Kangaroo Island but prefer not to drive.

Some excursion companies are also equipped with 4WD group buses. All excursions must be booked in advance.

How to get to Kangaroo Island?

There are various ways to reach Kangaroo Island, let’s see all the possibilities together but the important thing to remember to travel to this wonderful island is that planning is essential. If you want services here you must ask us to book them.


The Sealink shipping company operates daily connections (except Christmas), between Cape Jervis (2 hours drive south of Adelaide) and Penneshaw. Ferries carry passengers and vehicles, but reservations are required. Every day the connection is available at at least 4 different times distributed throughout the day and the crossing takes about 45 minutes.

Navigation takes place in the open ocean, so those who suffer from seasickness should take some countermeasures.


Buses are available from Adelaide that will take you directly to Kangaroo Island first along the stretch of highway that leads to Cape Jervis, and then the ferry crossing.

Organized day trips are also available from Adelaide to get a taste of the island.


The Regional Express company connects Adelaide Airport with Kingscote Airport which is located 14 km from the city. The flight lasts 30 minutes and there are 3 daily connections.

A journey here is a journey into immensity with a concentration of unimaginable sounds, colors and scents. Don’t miss this stop on your next trip to Australia.

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